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Illuminating the darkness
through music

Rodeo Tour

Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Sonia is a conduit of that power. First and foremost she is a storyteller steeped in traditional country music. Standing on the shoulders of and inspired by the great talents of the 70's-90's country. Her musical style is rich with beauty, vulnerability, and humor. Sonia Kazarova has found her voice again after a life as an opera singer she heads back to her roots to share the stories that resonate with us all. Sonia is bringing opera back to the Opry!

Malibu, CA
February 24th

Aviator Nation DREAMLAND Malibu, CA
Time: Doors open at 6pm and SHOW @ 8pm!!

Tour Dates Forthcoming

Sonia Kazarova
Conduit For The
Power Of Music