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Helping Others

Peace Is The Responsibility
Of The Individual

Miss Kazarova sits on the Board of AC2P, an organization dedicated to reminding us all that PEace is the responsibility of the individual. The organization produces concerts with virtuosic and well-known musicians in support of a gamut of like-minded charities. In addition to these uplifting fundraising opportunities, Ms. Kazarova has helped to build a nationwide food program in conjunction with Food Cycle LA and Caravan of Hope. Taking food, with minor imperfections from such places as Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Trader Joes along with local restaurants, bakeries, and juice bars to those in need. This reclaimed food initiative has brought over 500,000 lbs of excellent food to homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and community food shares in the past year alone. Brining better nutrition into communities across Los Angeles and, more recently, across the US. Feed people – not Landfills.

Following in her mother’s footsteps Sonia Kazarova has worked to ensure equal education opportunities for all and a special emphasis with teaching to the style that works for each child. Take it from a full spectrum music education into schools. I am on the board of The Fontanier Foundation for Excellence in Education in Colorado. It is my wish to begin working with native and tribal councils this year to develop schools that are led by and for the communities that they serve. She has championed programs in Music, Audio, video, and film production as well as lettering and scholarship programs in science and aviation in schools K-12.

Sonia Kazarova
Conduit For The
Power Of Music